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Katie + Liz: Engaged and in love

Katie emailed me months ago and told me about her plan to propose to her girlfriend Liz, her excitement and anticipation resonated in her email and I was thrilled that I could be a part of this momentous occasion. I staked out in the bushes at Schooner Cove patiently waiting for their arrival and right as they walked past my hideout a branch broke under me and Liz looked directly at me…. Thankfully, as Liz put it, I passed for “a pervert in the bushes with a camera” and the surprise wasn’t blown. Phew. Katie popped the question to a completely un-suspecting Liz on the most beautiful stretch of beach, and Liz obviously said yes. I then had the pleasure of snapping some photos of these two lovebirds in their newly engaged bliss….. the sky, the location, the light and the love Liz and Katie have for each other was such a perfect recipe for an epic photo shoot. I hope you two love these photos as much as I loved taking them. Wishing you both all the best! _DSC3544 _DSC3552 _DSC3569 _DSC3576 _DSC3596 _DSC3605 _DSC3612 _DSC3640 _DSC3643 _DSC3664 _DSC3742 _DSC3744 _DSC3757 _DSC3760 _DSC3763 _DSC3775 _DSC3776 _DSC3787 _DSC3792 _DSC3811 _DSC3825 _DSC3831 _DSC3835 _DSC3841 _DSC3842 _DSC3854 _DSC3884 _DSC3887 _DSC3900 _DSC3923 _DSC3940 _DSC3948 _DSC3953 _DSC3961 _DSC3984 _DSC3992 _DSC3995 _DSC4055 _DSC4103 _DSC4113 _DSC4117 _DSC4123 _DSC4130 _DSC4143 _DSC4146 _DSC4157

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  1. Zoë April 22, 2017 10:23 am #

    “…and luckily I passed for a pervert in the bushes with a camera.” Great pics and great blog!

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